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Homicide in Huntington Beach

This is page is updated daily it has to do with the leading crime stories, and some stories related directly towards Anaheim Bail Bonds. We’ll also be walking through the entire process. That is, from the time a person is arrested in Orange County, all the way to when they get bailed out of the Orange County Central Jail Complex. The arrest process is more complicated than it appears. Once the Anaheim Police Department has made contact with a suspect, they don’t just slap the cuffs on and haul them away. For instance, if you get pulled over for a DUI anywhere in Orange County, the police have to follow certain protocols to make sure it is a valid arrest. This is time-consuming, and can sometimes take over an hour before you are actually put in the back of a police car. Whether or not you should ever talk to an Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy or not is a legal question. Because I’m not a lawyer, I won’t be giving any direction if you ever find yourself in that position.


October 12, 2013


October 11, 2013




Domestic Violence arrests in Anaheim are another complicated issue, and it can take the officers quite a while to actually place an arrest. Some of the issues they may have to deal with:

  1. Who committed a crime? Who started the physical altercation?
  2. What if both parties are injured? Who do they arrest?
  3. Do they call for Emergency Medical Services because one, or possibly both parties are injured?
  4. Was there drug use involved?
  5. Are there children present? If so, do they call Child Protective Services?
  6. Was there no physical violence, but merely a shouting match?
  7. Who called 911? Was it an injured party, or a neighbor?

The Anaheim police deal with very complicated issues every day. So do Santa Ana Bail Bonds companies. Who do we agree to bail out? The last thing we want to do is bail somebody out of the Orange County Jail Complex only to hear that they immediately committed another crime. The vast majority of detainees don’t do this. They simply want to deal with their arrest, make all of their court dates, and get on with their lives. Those are the people we are here to help.


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