Homicide in Huntington Beach



A Huntington Beach investigation has begun following reports of a male strolling around the street completely covered in blood while yet another person was discovered deceased in a condominium. Detectives are attempting to discover if the male they found wandering the streets is a victim as well or the murderer.

Law enforcement officials state it was just before Noon on Wednesday when Huntington Beach Police Officers discovered a dead body inside a condominium on Delaware Road. The finding was made shortly after a person called law enforcement to report a man strolling down Delaware St., who looked like he had been stabbed.

The police responded immediately, and they discovered a man strolling down the road drenched in blood.

The man was held and transported to a local hospital. He is currently being interviewed. Detectives state they simply went where the clues led them, including blood, which pointed back to the condominium. The deceased man was found at that time.

Local Orange County Residents are attempting to make sense out of what transpired.

One neighbor stated that it was very strange. It is known as a very quiet area. 1 neighbor reported she had overheard a loud argument that morning.

As of now, no-one has been arrested, so no suspect needs to use an Anaheim Bail Bonds company.

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