Anaheim Police Booking Process


The booking process of the Anaheim Police Department is when a detainee has charges put against him if he is believed to have committed a crime in Anaheim.
Some of the steps involved are:

  • Taking a picture. This is commonly referred to as a mugshot
  • Checking records of the arrestee with th Department of Justice
  • Any money, valuables, or other property belonging to the suspect is taken away
  • The suspect is also fingerprinted
  • Noting the description and personal information of the suspect
  • Medical evaluation is done to determine if the suspect is in need of medical or mental health care
  • The suspect is allowed to use the phone , usually so they can call a relative or an Anaheim Bail Bonds company
  • The inmate gets a list which contains the rules of the Anaheim Jail, and what items the suspect will have access to

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