Santa Ana Man Arrested


A Santa Ana man, twenty one years of age, has been accused of hit and run. It is a felony crime in Orange County. It is related to a story about the death of a woman found in Santa Ana last week. The suspect has now been arrested.
When the Santa Ana Police initially found the woman, she had been severely injured. This happened on Thursday, October 31st, 2013 in Santa Ana. Her child was with her when she was discovered. Her daughter was not badly injured. The young Mother later died from her injuries.
The man has been identified as Francisco Montano of Orange County. Although he volunteered to be brought in, he is not assisting the detectives. They believe Montano was the driver because his black Toyota was spotted speeding away. Orange County’s division of Social Services has taken custody of the young girl.
Detectives are not yet sure if the woman was shoved out of the car by Montano, or if she dove out while cradling her daughter.

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